Policies and Terms

License agreements

sampleEach of our software applications comes with a specific license agreement. As is normally the case you will be asked to agree to the terms of the license before you install the software. Our software also includes a 12-month maintainance contract which provides you with free updates and data revisions should they be required.

In situations where we provide you with a set of statistics, estimates, etc. in tabular format that we have produced for general distribution (not created to your specifications) we will maintain the copyright and you must cite Sentier Research as the source. You may not resell or distribute this material without our knowledge and concurrence. You may use it in the writing of analytical documents as long as you use the citation as noted above.

If we develop estimates, reports, etc. under contract, that contract will provide details regarding how the materials are to be used.

Customer Support

sampleWe take pride in offering great customer support for our software and estimates. We make them and know best how to fix problems that may arise. If you have any problems or questions please contact us immediately and we will be pleased to do whatever we can to help. We believe that the reward for doing a good job is the privilege to to serve you again (Contact Us).