Median Household Income for March 2019 -- $63,425
Sentier Household Income Index March 2019 -- 103.5
Number of U.S. households -- 129.7 million
Average Household Size -- 2.49 persons

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What We Do

Sentier Research provides access, interpretation, evaluation, and analysis of data on American households. Businesses and governments today are awash in a sea of data about the economy and consumers. These data are often biased, inaccurate, incomplete, and out-of-date. We can assist you in finding the best data and then help you understand them. Household income, demographics, discretionary spending, purchasing power, household forecasts, and taxes are topics that form the core of our capabilities.

Our most recent achievement is development of the first index to track changes in median household income on a monthly basis. This index, Sentier Household Income Index (HII) was first released in August 2011.

the good news

The new kid on the block so to speak is the American Community Survey (ACS). It replaces most of the detail we all used to get from the Decennial Census (actually has important the good newsadditions). The ACS produces data annually based on a sample of about about 3 million households. We specialize in using the ACS data.

the bad news

Easy access to detailed statistics from the ACS and other important surveys is seriously lacking. The only things available from the Census Bureau's website are very crude the bad news tabulations that are poorly labelled, and difficult to interpret. Do not be fooled into thinking that Census is the last stop for your data needs.

the best news

We provide services and software related to the ACS and, of course, other relevant hard hats required surveys that make the data easy to access. If you need anything from simple tabulations to detailed user directed tabulation systems we can create them fast. We also provide a lot of free advice so do not hesitate to contact us. If you can get what you need for free from us or from someplace else we will let you know.